Babies Don’t Suck


This one is strictly for adults. It's the one Baby Book new dads will actually read because:

  • It only has 498 words
  • It mentions sore nipples, but doesn’t dwell on them
  • It shows you what to do if your toddler throws a hairdryer into the bath
  • It knows that you really love your kid, even though you NEED to stop talking about organic carrots, car seats and baby poo

This is the perfect gift to help new dads rise above the tidal wave of early fatherhood.

***** If you have a new dad in your family or among your friends, send him this book. It will take him only a few minutes to read, but the message will stay with him forever. Outstanding.
Good Reading Magazine
This book is bloody hilarious
Mummahh Father's Day Gift Guide
The perfect book for Father's Day. Go and get it.
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